About Us


As a 100% minority-owned insurance company, Citadel Risk Management demonstrates a steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion while providing world-class concierge insurance services. Catering to both large and small businesses, Citadel Risk Management understands the varying needs of its clientele and personalizes solutions to seamlessly address their insurance requirements. The unique approach of combining professional expertise with tailored care ensures business owners feel supported at every stage, ultimately fostering strategic growth and stability for their enterprises.  


At the core of our approach lies a dynamic collaboration of financial and legal elements meticulously tailored to align with our clients’ goals and aspirations. Through our innovative, all-encompassing strategy, we streamline clients’ information into a comprehensive and concise financial planning portfolio, reflecting their present circumstances. 

The information within our clients’ portfolios is then evaluated in coordination with their tax, financial, and legal teams to ensure any planning concepts seamlessly integrate into their overall financial landscape. Our methodology empowers us to more prudently advise our clients. 


We collaborate in close proximity with our clients’ tax, financial, and legal teams to conduct thorough analyses before executing any strategic plans. By performing technical modeling, we provide a visual representation of how estate decisions shape the overall financial landscape, influencing both family members and charities. 


Together with our clients’ trusted advisors, we execute well-crafted strategies, ensuring our clients are fully informed and confident in the planning choices offered, ultimately driving toward their success. 


Through unwavering commitment and persistent attention to our clients’ needs, we ensure their goals are achieved. With annual strategic reviews, we not only maintain full legal compliance but also stay in sync with the ever-evolving objectives of our valued clientele. 


At Citadel Risk Management, our commitment to providing comprehensive insurance services is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across all industries and sizes. We understand protecting your business goes beyond merely purchasing an insurance policy; it’s about forming a strong partnership with a dedicated team of professionals who ensure your company’s unique risks, assets, and concerns are thoroughly addressed. By offering a wide range of specialized solutions, we empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. Gain peace of mind knowing your company’s future is protected with insurance services that prioritize growth and stability.